Bookmarks to Decode Home Readers

Decoding Home Readers!

As teachers we are sure that you are all too familiar with these types of parent comments:

“Why has Jessie brought home this ridiculously hard book? You know she struggled through the whole book!” or…

“Please put my child up a reading level because this book is far too easy.” and…

“The pictures in this book don’t match the words!” or even…

“I just want Jacques to love reading. What happened to reading just for fun?” and of course…

“Hani has read this book a dozen times. Why does he keep bringing the same book home?”

It is understandable that parents may have misconceptions about the purpose of home reading. So let’s clear this up by providing the reasoning behind our decisions!

Your free bookmarks – send the right message home!

We have come up with a neat little resource that will allow you to summarise in one sentence, the purpose of each book. Help guide parental expectations so they can most effectively help their child. Just slip a bookmark in that home reader and you’re good to go!

To sail through home reading, simply print the Bookmark Template, then cut out and laminate the bookmarks. There are six numbered bookmarks as well as a blank version, just in case there is a comment that we haven’t covered.

NOTE: We have also included black and white versions, so that children can colour and decorate their own bookmarks.

For instructions on when to send which bookmark home, click here.

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