Australia Day – Camera Word Assessment

Assess the camera word knowledge of all of your returning students!


Camera Word Spelling:

  • Using the list of camera words on your Camera Word Reading Response Sheet, slowly dictate one camera word at a time to the entire class, having them write down the words on their Camera Word Spelling Response Sheet as you read them. Be sure to tell the students to write only one word in each box
  • Once you have finished reading, have the students colour in the pictures on their sheet
  • While the students are engrossed in colouring, it will give you time to call each child up one at a time to assess his or her camera word reading (make sure they bring their sheet)
  • Mark the Camera Word Spelling Response Sheet first, circling the words that have been spelled incorrectly

Camera Word Reading:

  • Then flip the sheet over to the Camera Word Reading side and ask the child to read each of the camera words on the page
  • As he or she reads, use your Camera Word Spelling Response Sheet, either ticking or crossing the box depending on if the child reads the word correctly or not
  • Circle any words that the child has read incorrectly

Send the sheets home with the children as home learning. The bottom of the sheet explains to parents that the children need help with the circled words.

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