Home School with Phonics

Home School with Phonics and watch your child succeed! Our Home School Pack has everything you need to provide your child with the most comprehensive, reading and spelling resources.

  • The Toolkit – everything you need to teach synthetic phonics at home. Your lesson plans, supporting games and activities as well as assessments all in one place!
  • The Take Away – activities, worksheets, tips and tricks as well as certificates and attainment charts.
  • Practice Books – removes all the stresses of a story; get children confident with single word reading before moving onto the complexities of a story. Like learning to swim we don’t start off in the deep end; start in the shallow end and get confidence with decoding first.
  • Decodable Stories – build confidence by using these 100% decodable stories whilst expanding comprehension and vocabulary. After learning all their phonemes, children can read this book all by themselves!
  • Picture This – a fun way to increase vocabulary whilst practicing reading and spelling. Note: Only included in Part One.
  • Martian Reading – ensure your child using is truly decoding, by playing a variety of games using nonsense or non words. Note: Only included in Part Two and Three.
  • Magnetic Letters – a letter or letters for each of the phonemes taught. Printed in Sassoon Primary Font.

I bought your Home School Pack last year. It is a super resource for my planning and for working with my children. Both myself and my children love using the quick read and write games and all the different resources especially the Trash or Treasure words.

Mary Smalls, Parent of Jessica and Henry, Aged 5.

Which pack should I use?

  • Part One – Foundation (Kindy/Prep/Pre-Primary) year of school; start by teaching all the single letter sounds and then move onto the complex double letter sounds. Additionally teach irregular high frequency words, which we call camera words.
  • Part Two – Year 1; teach the vowel phonemes and their spelling choices.
  • Part Three – Year 2; the remaining phonemes, their spelling choices and further spelling choices for know phonemes.

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